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Television and radio appearances by Stephanie Coontz, 2013

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Television and radio appearances by Stephanie Coontz, 2012

Articles by Stephanie Coontz, 2011

The American Scholar, “Feminism, Plus 50,” Summer
Newsday, “Marriage Evolves,” June 26, “Friedan Exposed 1950s Women’s Emotional Core,” June 12
First Post (UK), “Kate Middleton and the great ‘housewife’ myth,” May 10
New York Times, “When We Hated Mom,” May 8 Zocalo/Public Square, “No Fairy Tale,” April 25, “Report back from the Annual Conference of the Council on Contemporary Families,” April 14
Dissent, “Web Letter: Stephanie Coontz Responds to Cynthia Fuchs Epstein,” March 8, “Women's equality not quite there yet,” March 7
AARP Bulletin, “Women closing equality gap,” March 7, “Aren’t You Glad You Weren’t Single Fifty Years Ago?,” February 4
Washington Post, Letter to the Editor, January 29
Washington Post, “Gay marriage isn't revolutionary. It's just next.,” January 9
Philadelphia Inquirer, “Economic disparity takes toll on marriage,” January 9

Articles quoting or mentioning Stephanie Coontz, 2011

Dissent, Review: “The Problem That Had No Name,” Rebecca Tuhus-Dubrow, Summer
Women’s Review of Books, Review of “A Strange Stirring,” Lori Rotskoff, July/August
Chicago Tribune, “Arranged – not forced – marriages a good match in many cultures,” Lisa Black, July 27
AlterNet, “Mad Women: Wives and Daughters of the Greatest Generation,” Amy DePaul, July 14
Boston Globe, “Till cooking do us part,” Beth Teitell, July 13
Washington Post, “Closing the book on open marriage,” W. Bradford Wilcox, July 11
Star Tribune, “Long-married baby boomers cutting the knot,” Bill Ward, July 10
Kansas City Star, “Michele Bachmann pushes the wrong view of marriage,” Mary Sanchez, July 10
New York Post, “Gay or straight, guys reluctant to say I do,” David K. Li, July 5
New York Times Sunday Magazine, “Married, With Infidelities,” Mark Oppenheimer, July 3, “Why do we still believe in monogamy?,” Tracy Clark-Flory, July 3
Washington, “Civil unions for all,” Valerie Elverton Dixon, June 30, “Love is a Beauty Treatment,” Temma Ehrenfeld, June 30
Wall Street, Review: “Overcoming the ‘Feminine Mystique,’” Sue Shellenbarger, June 29
Men’s Health News, “The Hideen Divorce Risk,” Denny Watkins, June 28
Orange County Register, “A duty to divorce?,” Jane Glenn Haas, June 27
Los Angeles Times, “California families are changing, U.S. Census date show,” Kate Linthicum, Ari Bloomekatz, Scott Gold, June 23, Women’s History, “Book Review of ‘A Strange Stirring’ by Stephanie Coontz,” Linda Napikoski,  June 22
New York Press, “Domestic Bliss?,” Seth Michael Donsky, June 22
New York Times, “How Divorce Lost Its Groove,” Pamela Paul, June 17, “Hey dad, family still matters,” Joel Kotkin, June 16
Jewish Exponent, Review of “A Strange Stirring,” Robert Leiter, June 15
Washington Times, “Economy of sex: It’s cheap these days,” Cheryl Wetzstein, June 14
Wall Street, “The Gifts on Every Wedding List,” Sue Shellenbarger, June 8
Men’s Health News, “Why Long Commutes lead to Divorce,” Denny Watkins, June 6
The New Republic, “Can (This) Marriage Be Saved?,” Ruth Franklin, June 1
Psychotherapy Networker, Review of “A Strange Stirring “The Most Famous Book Never Read: What makes The Feminine Mystique so special?,” Diane Cole, May-June
Long Island Woman, Review “The Perfect Wife, How The Feminine Mystique Changed the World,” May
Delaware News Journal,“Marriage gives way to new family values,” Mike Chalmers, May 31
USA Today, “Fewer couples embrace marriage; more live together,” Haya El Nasser and Paul Overberg, May 26
Star-Tribune (MSP), “Moving forward, let's not be led by fear,” Gail Rosenblum, May 23
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “Census sees marriages surviving divorces declining,” Anya Sostek, May 23
CLEO (New Zealand), “Lack of money means breaking up is hard to do,” May 23, “Why Powerful Men (Like Arnold) Cheat,” May 17
Boston Globe, “Marriage and divorce on the political stage,” Joanna Weiss, May 15, “Census shows big jump in women-led families in Wisconsin,” Dan Simmons and Nick Heynen, May 12
Riverfront News, “NYT Column Slaps at Local Anti-Feminist Author,” Melissa Meinzer, May 9, “When Science Discovered Toxic Motherhood, “ Tim Cavanaugh, May 9
Reuters, “A Sustainability Mystique for Women?,” Cynthia Figge, April 29
Boston Globe, “Here Comes the Dieting Bride,” Beth Teitell, April 28
Christian Science Monitor, “Royal wedding: Women see romance, men see history. Both like the story,”
Gloria Goodale, April 28
Philadelphia Inquirer, “The beastly notion of keeping beautiful,” Julia Baird, April 26
Newsweek, “Dead Suit Walking,” Rick Marin and Tony Dokoupil, April 25
CNN Opinion, “Teens doing better: Why don't adults believe it?,” Laura Sessions Stepp, April 20, “InSights: Fathers can be good at mothering, too,” April 5
Ms Magazine, “Great Spring Reads for 2011,” Spring
Books & Culture, “The Feminine Mystique Revisited,” Naomi Schaefer Riley, March/April
Against the Current, “Interrogating the Feminine Mystique – an interview with Stephanie Coontz,” March-April, “Examining the Mystique of the ‘Mystique,’ Review of ‘A Strange Stirring,” Chris Aldridge, March
BookPage, “An Enduring Legacy,” (Review of “A Strange Stirring”), March
BUST, Review of “A Strange Stirring,” February-March
FraminghamPatch, “
A Strange Stirring at Framingham State,” Tiffany Revior, March 29
Star Tribune, “Tough economy refills empty nests,” Kim Palmer, March 28
New Republic on line, “Quiet Desperation,” Michelle Goldberg, March 28, “Hollywood Marriages: Is the Second Time the Charm?,” Kristin Wong, March 28
Smoking Mule blog, Review of ‘A Strange Stirring,’ March 28
The Olympian, “Revisiting ‘The Feminine Mystique,’” Barbara McMichael, March 27 (Also published in the Tacoma News Tribune)
Charlotte Observer, “How ‘Feminine Mystique’ shaped lives in the 1960s,” Clyde Frazier, March 27, “Sex Study Shatters Myth of College Girls Cavorting With Girls,” March 21
Bellingham Herald, “ Stephanie Coontz revisits the feminine mystique in latest novel,” Barbara Lloyd McMichael, March 21
The American Prospect, “Wising Up on Marriage,” Courtney E.Martin, March 21
Huffington Post, “Did Feminism Cause Divorce?,” Jill Brooke, March 17, “Breaking up is hard to do because of the economy,” Allison Linn, March 10
AlterNet, “Decades After 'The Feminine Mystique,' Many High-Achieving Women Find Satisfaction in Marriage,” Elissa Strauss, February 26
Ladies Home Journal website, “Mad Men? Mad Women! Looking Back at The Feminine Mystique,” Lorraine Glennon, February 25
The Spiked Review of Books, “The Allure of The Feminine Mystique,” Nancy McDermott, February 25
Seattle Times, “’A Strange Stirring’: Stephanie Coontz weighs the impact of Betty Friedan’s ‘The Feminine Mystique,’” Kimberley Marlowe Hartnett, February 24, Review of “A Strange Stirring,” Kari O’Driscoll, February 20, “A Review of ‘A Strange Stirring,’” Jo Freeman, February 18
Daily Hampshire Gazette, “’Strange Stirring’ examines impact of ‘The Feminine Mystique,’” Suzanne Wilson, February 16
Dissent, (Review of “A Strange Stirring)  “Betty Friedan and the Women’s Movement,” Cynthia Fuchs Epstein, February 15
LiveScience, “How Do I Love Thee? Experts Count 8 Ways,” Stephanie Pappas, February 14
Christian Science, “Why feminism has been good for romance,” Husna Haq, February 14
Massachusetts Daily Collegian, “Stephanie Coontz gives lecture on women’s rights,” Chelsea Whitton, February 14
CBS, “More and more Americans say ‘I don’t’,” Tracy Smith, February 13
Spokesman-Review, “We’ve come a long way, women,” Rebecca Nappi, February 12
Toronto Globe and Mail, “The straw that stirred the feminist drink,” Rosemary Counter, February 12 (review of “A Strange Stirring)
Booknotes, Review of “A Strange Stirring,” Anna J. Cook, February 9
Boston Globe, “In Milton, Fascinating tales from long lives,” Joanna Weiss, February 6
Girlsw/Pen, “Nice Work: Review of ‘Stirring’ Reviews,” Virginia Rutter, February 5
LiveScienceFri, “Men are now from Venus, women from Mars,” Stephanie Pappas, February 4
USA Today, “Singles blur expectations,” Sharon Jayson, February 3, “Debunking the Myth of the Slippery Bachelor,” Belinda Luscombe, February 3 (Feb. 6 print edition), “Men: The new romantics?,” Tracy Clark-Florey, February 3, Review of ‘A Strange Stirring,’ Courtney Martin, February 3
Daily Kos, “The assault on Betty Friedan’s legacy, her daughter speaks out,” posted by nyceve, February 3
Girlsw/Pen!.com, “A Strange Stirring: Test Your Feminine Mystique Cliché Quotient!,” Deborah Siegel, February 1
Women in Higher Education, “The Book That Turned the World Upside Down,” Sarah Cook, February
Spokane Spokesman-Review, “The Slice,” Paul Turner, January 31
Catalyst CanCon, “Betty Friedan Revisited,” Deborah Gillis, January 31
Girlsw/Pen!.com, “Nice Work: A Strange Stirring by Stephanie Coontz,” Virginia Rutter, January 31
New York Times Book Review, Editor’s Choice, January 30, “The Feministing Five: Stephanie Coontz, “ Chloe, January 29, “Revisiting The Feminine Mystique: An Interview with Stephanie Coontz about The Career Mystique,” Amy-Willard Cross, January 28, “Wedding Registries: Why Do Couples Ask for Gifts They'll Never Use?,” Brad Tuttle, January 27
BirthtoThrive Online, “The Gap Between Middle Class and Wealthy Families Could Widen, Paul Nyhan, January 27
Boston Globe, “Why do so many brides register for the same wedding gifts their mothers did?,” Beth Teitell, January 27, “The Career Mystique: An Interview with family scholar Stephanie Coontz,” January 26
History News Network, “Puncturing Betty Friedan, but Not the Mystique: An Interview with Stephanie Coontz.” January 24
Historiann, “Rebecca Traister on Stephanie Coontz’s ‘A Strange Stirring,’” January 24
New Yorker, Books as Bombs: Why the women’s movement needed “The Feminine Mystique,” Louis Menand, January 24
New York Times Book Review, “Mad Women: Stephanie Coontz reevaluates ‘The Feminine Mystique’ and its author,” Rebecca Traister, January 23
Washington Post, Review of “A Strange Stirring,” Elaine Showalter, January 23
International Herald Tribune, Review of “A Strange Stirring,” January 22
The Daily Beast, Review of “A Strange Stirring” in “This Week’s Hot Reads,” January 21
New York Times, Paper Cuts: “Reviewer Spotlight: Rebecca Traister,” Jennifer McDonald, January 21
Slate, DoubleX Gabfest, January 20
Huffington, “Stirring Up ‘The Feminine Mystique’ for a New Generation,” Christine Whelan, January 19
U.S. News & World Report, “How to Make Multigenerational Living Work,” Philip Moeller, January 14
The Daily Femme, “Putting the ‘Masculinity Crisis’ in Historical Perspective,” January 13, “In a Great Marriage? Thank Feminists!,” Madeline Holler, January 13, “Why feminism was good for marriage,” Tracy Clark-Flory, January 12
Houston Chronicle, “Taking a new look at marriage: The ancient institution is getting an updated perspective,” Tara Dooley, January 6, Review “A Look Back at ‘The Feminine Mystique,’” Carol King, January 5
Wall Street Journal, Book review of “A Strange Stirring,” Melanie Kirkpatrick, January 4, Review of “A Strange Stirring: The Feminine Mystique and American Women at the Dawn of the 1960s,” Johanna Fateman, January 3
Newsweek, “The Commuter Congress,” Lisa Miller, January 3
Senior Women Web, “A Review of Strange Stirring: The Feminine Mystique and American Women at the Dawn of the 1960s,” Jo Freeman, January
Veteran Feminists of America web-zine, “VFA recommends new book about Betty Friedan,” January

Television and radio appearances by Stephanie Coontz, 2011

WILL, June 22
WCBM, Womantalk, June 11
KGO, May 30
570 Radio (Toronto), May 19
KVI, May 19
KING-TV, New Day Northwest, May 16
KING-TV, Parent to Parent, May 16
KBOO, May 11
Reality Check podcast, May 9
Wisconsin Public Radio, May 6
WGVU, April 25
WSTC, Keeping Connected with Trevor Crow, April 19
KPFK, Beneath the Surface, April 15
WXNT, March 29
KTRS, John Brown’s Mindset, March 25
KUOW, Speaker’s Forum, March 24
KUED-TV, March 23
KPFK, Feminist Magazine, March 23
ABC News Radio, March 21
For Your Ears Only, Radio America, March 12
KPFK-FM Jon Wiener, 4 O’Clock Report, March 9 (Pacifica affiliate)
Moncrieff with Sean Moncrieff!, Newstalk Radio (Ireland), March 7
Book TV, Broadcast of speech by Stephanie Coontz, February 26
The Colbert Report, Feb 23
WBAI, “Law and Disorder,” February 21
WEAA-FM (NPR), Marc Steiner Show, February 17
KERA-FM (NPR), February 16
CUNY-TV, One to One, February 14
Wisconsin Public Radio, Joy Cardin Show, February 14
KVON-AM, Late Mornings with Jeff Schechtman, February 14
WHMP, Bill Newman show, February 10
WHYY, Voices of the Family, February 7
KCBS, February 4
KBSR with Maggie McCay, February 3
WNYC , Brian Lehrer Show, February 3
Sirius XM, The Bob Edwards Show, January 31
The John Batchelor Show, January 28
NPR, Fresh Air, January 26
KUOW, Weekday with Steve Scher, January 24
King 5 TV, New Day Northwest, January 24

Articles by Stephanie Coontz, 2010

ABC, December 27
New York Times, Room for Debate, “How to Make It Work This Time,” December 19, “Is marriage becoming obsolete?,“ November 22
New York Times, Room for Debate, “What We, and the Royals, Have Learned,” November 16
History News Network, “’Mad Men’: A Postseason Retrospective,” November 1
Washington Post, “Why 'Mad Men' is TV's most feminist show,” October 10 (Reprinted in Delaware Online, 10/17; Louisville Courier-Jounral, 10/17; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 10/17; Pittsburgh Tribune, 10/17; Tacoma News-Tribune 10/17; Hindustan Times, 10/16; History News Network, 10/11;
Slate XX, “Who Gets to Be a Feminist?,” October 8
Slate, "Levi Johnston is an Insult to Working-Class Men," July 22
New York Times, Room for Debate, July 21
USA Today, "Feedback," July 2
New York Times, "Divorce, No-Fault Style," June 17, "Why Gore breakup touched a nerve," June 4
Keisetsu Jidai II (Japan), "Are women really less happy now?" June
Slate, "Stop Blaming Betty Friedan," May 5
Panorama Social (Spain), "La paradoja del matrimonio por amor y la historia del divorcio moderno,"             Segundo semestre
New York Times, "Women Finally Start to Catch Up," January 24

Articles quoting Stephanie Coontz, 2010, “Parker: TV depicts men as bad AND stupid,” December 31
The, “Is the road out of poverty down the aisle? Yes and No,” Mary Sanchez, December 28
Booklist, review of A Strange Stirring,” Patty Wetli, December 15
The Week, “Female super-earners: Bad for marriage?,” December 7
Publishers Weekly, Review of A Strange Stirring, December 6
Christian Science Monitor, “The Price of Parenthood,” Eilene Zimmerman, December 6
The Daily Beast, “The Power Mom Backlash,” Danielle Friedman, December 6
WirtschaftsWoche (Handelsblatt On-Line), “Studie Die Ökonomie der Büro-Liebe,” Malte Buhse, December 2
Pittsburgh Post Courier, “Blended families face challenges,” Cassandra Spratling, November 30
The Telegraph (UK),“Prince William and Kate Middleton: Looking forward to their big day: Weddings are an affirmation of faith in the future, that we care about the future of others,” Julia Llewellyn Smith November 22
Bitch Magazine, “Past Imperfect: The Feminine Mystique and the persistence of nostalgia” (review of A Strange Stirring), Eryn Loeb, Winter 2010
Time, “Marriage: What's It Good For?,” Belinda Luscombe, November 21
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “Barely a whisper heard about 'virgin bride' this time,” Anya Sostek, November 19
Slate XX, “Happy Housewives: Women like Sarah Palin are calling themselves ‘housewives.’ What does the term mean?,” Jessica Grose, November 18, “Prince William And Kate Middleton’s Engagement: Emblem Of Class?,” Jenna Goudreau, November 18, “If marriage is passé, why do we adore Will and Kate?,” Brian Alexander, November 18
USA Today, “We’re just not that into marriage,” Sharon Jayson, November 18
USA Today, “What does a 'family' look like nowadays?,” Sharon Jayson, November 18
Wall Street Journal, The Juggle: “Can Prince William and Kate Middleton Have a Modern Marriage?,” Rachel Emma Silverman, November 17
U.S. News and World Report, “The Best Money Lesson for Kids? Independence,” Kimberly Palmer, November 17
The Telegraph (UK), “Royal Wedding,” November 17
Library Journal, Review of “A Strange Stirring,” Cynthia Harrison, November 15
Heart Insight, “Double Trouble,” Ruth Papazian, November
Chronicle of Higher Education, “My Daily Read: Stephanie Coontz,” October 31, “Mad Men: Was That What It Was Like for Women?, Sue Shellenbarger, October 17
Kirkus Reviews, “A Strange Stirring,” October 15
The Week, “Best Column,” October 11
Wall Street Journal, “’Mad Men,’ A Conversation,” Walter Dellinger, October 11
Fiscal Times, “Unwedded Bliss: Money Comes First, Love Second,” Temma Ehrenfeld, October 9
Yahoo Green, “Working Families: An Interview with Stephanie Coontz,” Joanne Stern, October 6
Postmedia News (Canada), “What makes a family? Like most things it's all relative,”
Shannon Proudfoot, October 5 Also in Calgary Herald)
MyDVDinsider, Interview, October 5
Savannah Morning News, “Independent bookstore is the real deal,” Jane Fishman, October 2
USA Today, “More families, friends move in together,” Haya El-Nasser, September 30
New York Times, “Vow Renewals: When One ‘I Do’ Is Not Enough,” Anna Jane Grossman, September 17
McClatchy Newspapers, “Is the road out of poverty down the aisle? Yes and no,” Mary Sanchez, September 17
New York Times, “Study Finds Wider View of ‘Family,” Sam Roberts, September 15, “Women Earn More Doctorates Than Men,” Pat Wingert, September 15,
Parents Magazine, "A Working Mom's Guide to Sick Kids," Margery D. Rosen, September
Iowa Independent, “Gay marriage causes no harm to traditional marriage, study finds,” Scott Raynor, September 8
Black, “Are You Happy?,” September 7
Spokesman-Review, “How adults handle economic hardship can indelibly mark children,” Sherry Adkins, September 5
New Zealand Herald, “The myth of wedded bliss,” Louise Carpenter, September 3
USA, “Young women without kids or husband outearn men in cities,” Paul Wiseman, Sept.. 1, Associated Press, “Going back to work, supermom image intact,” August 30, “Blacks Are Getting Happier; Whites are not. Ask your mother why,” Julia Baird, Aug. 27, “Nannies to get new protections in New York, but is more needed?,” Lauren Feeney, August 26
USA Today, “Who’s gay for Hollywood?,” Maria Fuentes, August 24
ABC, “Marital Affairs: What Happens After Cheating,” August 16
LiveScience, “Financially Dependent Men More Likely to Cheat,” Stephanie Pappas, August 16
LiveScience, “Same-Sex Marriage Debate Has Roots Going Back Centuries,” Stephanie Pappas, August 15
Sunday Paper, “Same-sex marriage, the law and religion,” Stephanie Ramage, August 15
USA, "Who redefined marriage? Not Prop 8 judge," Cathy Lynn Grossman, August 12
New York Times, "Men’s Engagement Rings Proclaim, ‘He’s Taken’," Kathryn Shattuck, August 1
The Atlantic, "Are Fathers Necessary?," Pamela Paul, July/August
College and University Work/Family Association, "Coontz on Women, Men, and Careers," Summer
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, "Mad Men' series inaccurately depicts difficulties of divorce for women in '60s," Maria Sciullo, July 25
Philadelphia Inquirer, "Hollywood paints an updated portrait of the American family," Carrie Rickey, July 22
Newsweek, "What Bristol and Levi Should Know About Modern Parenting," Barbara Kantrowitz and Pat Wingert, July 19
Womens eNews, "Marriage Loses Ground as Anti-Poverty Panacea," Julia Marsh, July 7
Associated Press, "Long-term unemployment spurs more calls to suicide hot lines," Jackie Headapohl, July 7, "Amid Lack of Jobs, Suicide Hot Line Calls Surge," Scott Martelle, July 6
Daily Beast, "15 Signs You'll Get Divorced," Anneli Rufus, July 6
Parents Magazine, "The Responsibilities and Expectations of the New American Dad," Paul Scott, June
Newsweek, "'I Don't': The case against marriage," Jessica Bennett and Jesse Ellison, June 21, "Mr. Moms become more common," Lauren Russell, June 20
Augusta Chronicle, "Interracial marriages on the rise across the U.S.," Stephanie Toone, June 19
New York Times, "Now, Dad Feels as Stressed as Mom," Tara Parker-Pope, June 18
Wall Street Journal, "TITLE?" Sue Shellenbarger, June 18
The Times of London, "Is romance over-rated?," Laura Dixon, June 17
Associated Press, "Study: Women are becoming moms later in life," June 14
New Parent, "Marriage and Kids," June 14
Real Estate Marketing SEO Blog, "Why Marketing to Only Women May be Your Best Move This Year," June 14
WCF Courier, "Irreconcilable differences: After 40 years, splits like Gores not so rare," Meta Hemenway- Forbes, June 14
The Times of London, "Til death? Too long to wait for the oldies," June 13
Associated Press, "Even at 40 years like the Gores, splits aren’t rare," Jocelyn Noveck June 12
Winnipeg Free Press, In a nuthshell / Overheard, June 12
Naples Daily News, "¿Qué pasa con el compromiso de pareja?," Alberto Sabina, June 10, "Gore break-up warrants sorrow." Colleen Carroll Campbell, June 10
Huffington Post, "Is 'Sexual Obesity' Bad for Your Health?," Susan Yager, June 9
Forbes, "Por qué se casan los hombres y las mujeres," Jenna Goudreau, June 7
The Straits Times (Singapore), "Are all marriages doomed?," June 7
The New York Times, " What Brain Scans Can Tell Us About Marriage," Tara Parker-Pope, June 6
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, "Breaking up isn't so very hard to do for graying generation," Mackenzie Carpenter, June 6 (Beijing), June 5
The Times of London, "An inconvenient truth about late-life divorce," Helen Rumbelow, June 4, "Top sex and marriage advice through the ages," Brian Alexander, June 4
Philippine Daily Inquirer, " Why now? Late-marriage splits not so rare, June 4
ABC, "Did Al Gore's Success Kill His Marriage?," Kimberly Brown, June 3
Associated Press, " Even at 40 years like Gores, splits not so rare," Jocelyn Noveck, June 2
The Oregonian, "Happy ending for love story?," Elizabeth Hovde, June 2
Christian Science Monitor, "Al and Tipper Gore: later-life divorces no longer uncommon," Husna Haq, June 2
USA Today, "Capital Shocker: Gores to split after 40 years,"
Mimi Hall, June 2, June 2
Chicago Tribune, "Marriage experts weigh in on Al and Tipper Gore's separation," Bonnie Miller Rubin and Rex W. Huppke, June 2
AOL News, "Marriage Expert on Gores' Split: 'You Never Can Tell'," Andrea Stone, June 1
The Daily Beast, "15 Ways to Predict Divorce," Anneli Rufus, May 20
ShelterPop News, "Til Bed Do Us Part," Sam Eggleston, May 19
San Jose Mercury, "More people using the Internet to reconnect to someone from their past," Mike Swift, May 18
Associated Press, "New mothers these days are older, educated and single," Leanne Italie, May 6
Financial Express (Bangladesh), "Tales of the recession," Fazal M. Kamal, April 24
Manila Times, "Good Morning" column, I. Canete Demain, April 20, "All In The Family," Joel Kotkin, April 13
New York Times, "Is Marriage Good for Your Health?" Tara Parker-Pope, April 12
What is My Car Worth, " Review of Marriage, a History: How Love Conquered Marriage," April 9
Washington Times, "Teen birthrate falls, ends upward trend," Cheryl Wetzstein, April 6
Forbes, "Today's marriages are reinterpreting the institution--and it's coming from both sides, " Jeanna Goudreau, April 6 (Also in Hindustan Times and Beijing Times)
Psychology Today, "The Expectations Trap," Hara Estroff Marano, April, "When Divorce Isn’t the Only Choice," Barbara Kantrowitz and Pat Wingert, March 29
Women's E-news, "For Better or Worse, 'Sister-Swapping' Persists," Bijoyeta Das, March 22
The Sunday Paper, "Stats show Georgia’s birth rate dropped along with the stock market in 2008," Christine Foster, March 21
Global Marriage, Review of "Marriage a History," March 18
Ready, Set...Wife!, "And now for something academic," March 12
The Glass Hammer, "The New Female Breadwinners – Celebratory Boon or Involuntary Boom?," Gigi DeVault, March 9
Lively Dust, "Review of "Committed": Elizabeth Gilbert on family values," Lavonne Neff, March 3, "Staying in touch with loved ones during war," Diane Mapes, February 26
Christian Science Monitor, "In an affair's wake," Stephanie Hanes, February 14
Seattle Metropolitan, "Sex on the Brain," Kathryn Robinson, February
Working Mother,  “Dad-Mom Role Reversals, Sara Eckel, February
Newsweek, "New research shows women with degrees are luckier in love," Pat Wingert and Barbara             Kantrowitz, January 31
New York Times, "She Works. They’re Happy," Tara Parker-Pope, January 22, "More men get financial boost from tying knot," January 22
El Manana, "Matrimonio da más beneficios a los hombres," January 22
Politics Daily, "What Do Women Want? More!," Christine Wicker, January 21
Keene Sentinel, "Men get a boost from marriage," David Crary, January 20
Independent Woman: "Has Feminism killed the Relationship?," January 20
La Raza, "Buen negocio para ellos el matrimonio," January 20
Nyheter, " Fler män gifter sig rikt," January 20
Telemundo Dallas, " Matrimonio da más beneficios económicos a los hombres," January 20
The Gobe and Mail, " More men get economic boost from marriage," David Crary, January 20, " Matrimonio Beneficia Mas a Los Hombres," January 20
New York Times, "More Men Marrying Wealthier Wives," Sam Roberts, January 19
Washington Post, "More wives are the higher-income spouse, Pew report says," Donna St. George, January 19
Village Voice, "Women With Money Cannot Find Husbands, Times Suggests to Our Confusion," Roy Edroso, January 19
Jakarta Globe, "Marriage Fattens Men’s Wallets More than Women’s, Study Says," January 19
El Paso Inc., "More men marrying better educated, wealthier wives," January 19
USA Today, "Marriage benefits men economically, too," Sharon Jayson, January 19
Associated Press, "Report: More men get economic boost from marriage," January 19, " More Men Get Economic Boost From Marriage," David Crary, January 19
Los Angeles Daily News, "Men now get biggest economic boost from marriage," David Crary, January 18
Orlando Sentinel, "More men gain economic boost from marriage," David Crary, January 18
The Telegraph (UK), "Marriage: is it really in crisis?," Kate Figes, January 15
Wall Street blog, Interview, "Why Do We Need the State's Permission to Get Married Anyway?," January 14
New Yorker, "Hitched," Ariel Levy, January 11
Seattle Times, "Eat, pray, love -- then muse on marriage," Kimberly Marlowe Hartnett, January 10, "Good Housekeeping magazine is vital as it celebrates 125 years," Colleen Diskin, January 6

Television and Radio Appearances by Stephanie Coontz, 2010

Radio Times, WHYY, December 14
NPR, On Point, November 24
Voice of America, November 24
KPCC Radio, November 22
KCBS Radio, November 18
KFWB Radio, November 18
USA Today, On-line chat, November 18
New Day Northwest, KING TV, October 27
AM760, David Sirota Show, October 11
Voice of America Asia Service, ???
KRLD Radio, October 1
KDQ Radio, September 30
KOMO Radio, September 30
KVI Radio, September 30
KUOW, “The Conversation with Ross Reynolds,” September 22
Radio Free Europe, Russian service, September 16
KCBS Radio, August 27
NPR, “Birthand Divorce Rates Decline in a Sour Economy,” April Fulton, August 27
KING TV, New Day Northwest, August 12
WHYY, Voices in the Family, August 2
Your Time With Kim, July 12
KKYX, "Marriage 101" with Starr and Bob, July 3
CBC Radio One (Canada), The Current, June 18
KBOO, "Bread and Roses," June 11
Philadelphia NPR, Radio Times, June 9
NPR, On Point, June 7
CNN, June 6
WJR, Mitch Albom Show, June 4
Gayle King Show, June 2
Minnesota Pubic Radio, June 2
National NPR News, June 2
Wisconsin Public Radio, June 2
KOMO Radio, June 1
KCBS Radio, May 26
Tell Me More, NPR, April 8
Voice of America,, Chinese language service, January 29
How We Live, Conn. NPR, January 28
WBAI, January 27
KPFA, January 27
Talk of the Nation, NPR, January 25
Australian Broadcasting Network, January 25
WOR Radio, January 25
Morning Edition, NPR, January 19
KTPK, January 19
Rush Limbaugh Show, January 19
Candidly Candace Radio Show, January 17
Patt Morrison Show, KPCC, January 12

Articles by Stephanie Coontz, 2009

New York Times, "Till Children Do Us Part," February 5
Boston Globe, "Intimacies Unstuck," January 18

Articles Quoting Stephanie Coontz, 2009

Wall Street Journal, "No Waiting: Younger Women Are Saying Yes to Motherhood," Sue Shellenbarger, February 4
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Huffington Post, "Guys and Dolls," Stephanie Fairyington, January 8

Television and radio appearances by Stephanie Coontz, 2009

La F.m., Bogota, January 30
RCN Radio Colombia, January 28
Interfaith Radio, January 11

Articles by Stephanie Coontz, 2008

Irish Examiner, "The Feminine Mystique: 45 years later," August 21, 2008; also published in Botswana Mmegi, Bahrain Tribune, Lahore Pakistan Daily Times.
Wall Street Journal, "Separate Peace," June 6
The Immanent Frame (Social Science Research Council), "The Future of Marriage," June 2
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Conscience, "The Validity of Marriage," Winter 2007-2008

Articles Quoting Stephanie Coontz, 2008

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Shot: The Mercer Girls -- Pulling up stakes for a romantic relocation," Diane Mapes, August 29.
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Television and radio appearances by Stephanie Coontz, 2008

KGO, San Francisco , Christine Kraft Show, December 23
KCBS, San Francisco , November 29
KGO, San Francisco , November 10
WHRV, HearSay with Cathy Lewis, Hampton Roads, VA, August 29
Newstalk ( Ireland ), The Right Hook, August 21
KGO, San Francisco , July 30
KPFA, Against the Grain, Bay Area, July 21
Automotive Intelligence, Vancouver , BC , July 10
WFPL, State of Affairs , Louisville , July 8
Quantum Leaps, July 3
KCBS, San Francisco , June 21
KQED Forum with Michael Krasny, June 16
WVLN, Chicago , June 13
On Point, NPR, June 12
Fox News, May 9
Here and Now, NPR, February 13
KMTO ( Nevada Public Radio), February 12
CNN Weekend Prime, February 10
Maritime Morning Radio, Halifax , Nova Scotia , January 29

Articles by Stephanie Coontz, 2007

Hartford Courant, "Motherhood Stalls When Women Can't Work," May 13, 2007
Times of London, "How equality meant the end of gender stereotyping," April 11, 2007
Hartford Courant, "'Traditional Marriage' Isn't As Straightforward As All That," March 18, 2007 (Also in The Columbian, Vancouver Washington, Stars and Stripes, the San Jose Mercury News, the Youngstown, Ohio, Vindicator, Japan Times)
Philadelphia Inquirer, "How Dannielynn can be called lucky," March 11, 2007
Atlanta Journal-Constitution, "Fall of marriage: Love has a lot to do with it," February 25, 2007
The New York Times, "Illegitimate Complaints," February 18, 2007
The Boston Globe Magazine, "The Romantic Life of Brainiacs," February 18, 2007
The New Zealand Herald, "Marriage: who needs it?," January 6, 2007
Plus, interviews on BBC 1 and BBC 2, National Radio of New Zealand, Singapore radio, 3 Spanish radios, 1 station in Argentina, 1 station in Chile, 1 station in Norway, and 2 stations in The Netherlands

Articles Quoting Stephanie Coontz, 2007

Lexington Herald-Leader, "Marriage as social medicine," Mary Meehan, September 25, 2007
Orange County Register, " The divorce boom continues," Jane Glenn Hass, September 24, 2007
New York Times, "Putting Money on the Table," Alex Williams, September 23, 2007
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Hartford Courant, "Old rules are changing," Joann Klimkiewicz, February 14, 2007
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More, "The Book of Love," February, 2007
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Chronicle of Higher Education, "Threat level Lavender: the Truthiness of Gay Marriage," Suzanna Danuta Walters, January 19, 2007
The Australian, "Most US women single," January 18, 2007
The Guardian, "Single or bust," Laura Barcella, January 17, 2007
New York Times, "51% of Women Are Now Living Without Spouse," Sam Roberts, January 16, 2007

Television and Radio Appearances by Stephanie Coontz, 2007

Television and radio appearances by Stephanie Coontz, 2007
K-LOVE and Air 1, September 30,2007
WBAI Radio (NY), September 24, 2007
Voice of America, September 21, 2007
KGO Radio (SF), September 12, 2007
KNIX Radio (LA), September 12, 2007
KCBS Radio News (LA), September 12, 2007
WILL (Urbana NPR) Focus 580, September 7, 2007
KUOW (Seattle NPR), September 6, 2007
WPOR, August 21, 2007
KSRO, July 3, 2007
Washington Post Radio, July 2, 2007
WAMU, Kojo Nnamdi Show, June 7, 2007
Oregon Territory, June 1, 2007
Wisconsin Public Radio, May 31, 2007
20/20, ABC Television, May 18, 2007
KALW, San Francisco, May 14, 2007
WBBR, Bloomberg Radio, "Simply Put," March 9, 2007
KSTP TV, Minneapolis/St. Paul, March 7, 2007
WCCO TV, Minneapolis/St. Paul, March 7, 2007
Washington Post Radio, March 5, 2007
BBC 4, February 25, 2007
Marketplace, NPR, February 16, 2007
The Tavis Smiley Show, NPR, February 14, 2007
Voice of America, January 26, 2007

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